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 The Town of New Hope
 Posted: Aug 15 2014, 12:50 PM

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New Hope

New Hope is the farthest town away from everything. It’s the farthest west, and as such is the barrier between the unknown and the known. No one knew just how true this would be.

Home to the worst sorts of creatures, and the most interesting of stories, New Hope has become an island in a world with no water. It is completely shut off from the rest of the world, and seems to be the dumping grounds of all things magical. From witches to fae, this is the place where they seem to congregate.

Set in Nebraska in 1825, this town was settled into one of the most disputed territories. With issues of Native American raids, expansion problems, and all the rest of the issues that are gathered from their homes, these people live on a jagged edge of accepting. They aren’t, precisely, the best of the bunch either. Most of the people here were either sent here or came here out of desperation. Criminals and the like are expected to help “protect” the town, while the rest are expected to help grow the fur trade and the industries that could be profitable from this area.

In reality? This is an experimental town, and fully expected that everyone in it will simply disappear.

This is an AU historical site, meaning that while we do follow vaguely the history that is occurring, and encourage others to do so, we don’t require that the politics of the time follow into this site. New Hope is truly meant to be an area completely on its own, without the influences of the outside world.

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