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 What Is This I Don't Even, (Errybody!)
Sebastien Thomas
 Posted: Oct 9 2014, 11:04 AM

Bounty Hunter
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Sebastien was, to say the least, somewhat uncomfortable with large crowds. Even crowded taverns made him feel antsy but he never let his discomfort be known. It was a sign of weakness and if the right person found out and was smart enough... well, he didn't want any messy situations occurring in the near future. He had his name to protect and no wishes to have a whole town to be against him in any sort of way. This was one reason why he did not like big crowds; too many people to start a riot. He had seen the crowd that formed after they dragged his mother out of the house and it was why he did not want to go to her execution, besides other obvious reasons. In the past he preferred to be on his own though now he did not mind the company of Dakota and Damian. Anyone else? It might have taken a bit for him to get used to them around.

He had been out and about doing errands when bumped into the growing crowd that was partaking in the apparent barn raising. He might have wandered off if he had not seen some people struggling with gathering supplies -he may have been a ruthless bounty hunter who had a lot of kills to his (previous and current) name, but he still had his kind moments. This might also give him an opportunity to see if Dakota or Damian had been swept up by the festivities as well and perhaps linger around them as non-awkwardly as possible. Dakota wasn't that much of a problem; Damian, on the other hand... The man was known to be reckless, especially when drunk. He just wanted to make sure the loup-garou was in a functioning condition just in case something were to happen, as misfortune was wont to do in the time of happiness and joy.

After he was done helping he made his way to some sort of wall or support so that he could lean against it and survey the crowd. Until he spotted either or both of the brothers, he was content with remaining on the sidelines. Not so much out of an anti-social manner as it was... all right there was some influence from that sort of behavior behind his actions. He would not turn someone away if they decided to approach him, though he had to wonder who would actually do that when there were other things to do. He knew only the woman's name who this barn raising was for -Ida Roswell- though he didn't know her personally. It was the same with most of the people in town -the only ones who knew him a little more were those who were at the bar or a part of any of the stores. And, well, perhaps other bounty hunters. He wanted to remain under the radar for as long as possible. Though, success might not have been on his side in this case. He would have to wait and see.
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