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 We're Gonna Break Free, 216 | Courier | Two Hats
Adeline Deuxchapeau
 Posted: Nov 22 2014, 01:01 AM

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Two Hats was one of the first and few children born between Old and New World fae. Her early life was marked by a period of warfare and isolation as the land her family claimed for their home was hemmed in by warring parties during the hundred-year French-Iroquois War, one of the bloodiest and longest conflicts in North American history. This early lesson in the brutality of man would serve to foster mistrust for the species as a whole; crude, short sighted, brief-lived creatures that they are.

Though her dislike for the Fae of the Old World is far greater.

Young and naive as a only a fresh-from-the-woodlands creature could be, when she and her sister sought their father's kin across the sea they found not the familial bonds and peace they'd hoped for, but instead were misled into swearing fealty to the Seelie Court, not fully understanding the meaning of their words. They were accepted, but not as equals, and not by all.

After over a hundred years of doing the Shiny Ones dirty jobs, she's still pretty pissed off about getting screwed over by them.

While not an exile, per se, New Hope is a sort of punishment for her, none the less.

FRIENDS: Two Hats doesn't like anyone. Not querulous little humans, volatile, two-spirited loup garou, bothersome witches and especially not her own kind. But wait! There's more!

No man is an island, and even Two Hats has some people she dislikes less than others. There are plenty of times she throws her hands in the air with the lot of them and disappears in to the wild, but as much as she hates to admit it, people make things more interesting, and when you have the potential to live a thousand years, keeping amused in important to ones sanity. She does occasionally sit down for a drink with acquaintances, play a hand of cards or two at local saloons, and even *gasp* chat with her neighbors.

Though if they're being tiresome she's just as likely to ignore them and walk away as if she didn't hear them speaking.

ENEMIES: Haughty as any Fae, secretive, reclusive...she's not the easiest person to know or like, and she has about as much qualms with killing other beings as most people have with swatting flies. Really, their lives are so short they're almost over before they've even begun anyways, and in most cases the swatting is richly deserved. She prolly has plenty of people who hate her.

LOVERS: With her distaste/mistrust for most people, Adeline is almost asexual. I don't like to plot things out too much ahead of time because some of the best and most interesting relationships develop ICly as characters grow and interact, so there's a possibility there, but...yeah.
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